Who we are?

Foundation team

What can you say about us? Some people like to drink too much coffee and others are fanatics of games, but what we have in common is common goals and action!
Here are some of us.
przypominajka brandbook - Marta Dajnowska

Marta Dajnowska knows flowers and dealing with chaos

Marta is a mother of three sons and she stubbornly does not want to take a nanny to help, because everything will be taken care of by HERSELF. It just so happens that her garden looks like the suburbs of Versailles, her house is always clean and fragrant, and her dinner table is on the table. Seriously, so far no one has guessed why! (we have the theory that her day has different laws). Marta is responsible in the Foundation and the agency for making sure that everything works, is paid, and ZUS drank coffee during the inspection, and did not check the papers 🙂

Ania Dzięgielewska makes the best carrot cake

A good coffee machine is the basic device of her kitchen, bathroom and living room. Coffee, coffee, coffee. She has an unusual sense of style and approach to customers. She is a classy lady (when we meet offline, we adjust our collars to make it more suitable). Ania is a real lady, even in a workout tracksuit she intimidates us with her class and style. After all, it is the Lady of the Image! Besides: she writes lightly and gracefully. On every topic 🙂

przypominajka brandbook - Anna Dzięgielewska
przypominajka brandbook - Grzegorz Miiller

Grześ Miiller is a master of Excel and never gives up

Our rock and Excel master. With each problem, we can boldly call and hear: “Well, how can it not be? I will sit for a while and it will be possible!” It is as refreshing as sugar, it amazes with its optimism and approach to life. Reliable. It’s a lot to withstand the constant questions “Grzes, where are the files, where are the documents, where to save, how to save, how to settle …” Angelic patience!

Adam Wiktorowicz looks for inspiration on Netflix and designs the most beautiful websites

When we women generate ideas, come up with campaigns, do 16 things at once, he says “girls, you have to think” with a holy calmness in his voice. Huge sense, intuition, calm and creative spirit who loves a casserole with rice and vegetables and double cheese. Oh – most of our women clients prefer Adam to us.

przypominajka brandbook - Adam Wiktorowicz
przypominajka brandbook - Melania Witczak

Melania Witczak is always happy and loves contact with clients

Mela sees opportunities everywhere, loves horses, dogs and her three children. She has a great sense, she is great at realizing the impossible and if you throw her out through the door, she will enter through the window (together with Magda). She laughs at jokes and drives a Subaru Forester 3!

Kuba Robowski paints female women and never disappoints

Creative soul. He thinks with “images”, he constantly inspires us. You can count on him in any situation. Interestingly, such an artistic soul is very interested in programming and creating pages in WordPress 🙂

przypominajka brandbook - Kuba Robowski
przypominajka brandbook - Hania Ambroziak

Hania Ambroziak a brave, wonderfully analytical young mother

A master of inquisitive questions that force us to rethink our concepts. A talented graphic designer, at the same time, is our company’s Model of Organization and Order.

Magda Anuszewska, a zen master and the best customer service

You can steal horses with her and know how bald horses and neigh like a horse from her anecdotes 🙂 A charming personality, charms everyone from the first sight / conversation 🙂 She loves people and radiates this sympathy with all of herself. In addition, a super talented artist, graphic designer, manager, motivator, normally idol of crowds!

przypominajka brandbook - Magda Anuszewska
przypominajka brandbook - Patryk Dańda

Patryk Dańda is a web ninja when he is not picking herbs in the meadow

A young wolf and a talented programmer. He can discipline everyone and everything. WordPress plugins are eating out of his hand. In addition, a nature lover and a brewer by vocation.

Wojtek Kaniuka loves the beauty enchanted in women and that's why we feel so good together 🙂

Smart, rational, substantive to the point of pain. SEO, SEM and also … politics have no secrets for him. With it, we start to use difficult and unfamiliar words, and sometimes we engage in a courtly discourse on imponderables.

przypominajka brandbook - Wojtek Kaniuka
przypominajka brandbook - Paweł Mirecki

Paweł Mirecki never reveals secrets and is always ready for new challenges

Gifted, darts, energetic. Ideas seem to be conjured up from the air. We do not know when Paweł has time to sleep, with so many projects and campaign planning and constant personal development … And he still has time and strength for a spontaneous trip for the best burgers to Krakow (from Warsaw ofkors!)

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