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We feel responsible for the world we live in.
We believe that it can be better and more beautiful.

Purpose of the Foundation

CSR: corporate social responsibility

We direct the light of good to people who are aware of the importance of relationships in business & care for the well-being of employees, especially those with fewer opportunities.
The team

Together we can do more

People employed in the Foundation build self-esteem and independence.
Extraordinary projects are being favored by various interests, experiences and physical abilities.
Magda Anuszewska - Fundacja Przypominajka
Magdalena Anuszewska
Anna Dzięgielewska - Fundacja Przypominajka
Anna Dzięgielewska
Marta Dajnowska - Fundacja Przypominajka
Marta Dajnowska
Anna Lipińska - Fundacja Przypominajka
Anna Lipińska
Wojtek Kaniuka - Fundacja Przypominajka
Wojciech Kaniuka
Patryk Dańda - Fundacja Przypominajka
Patryk Dańda
Grzegorz Miiller - Fundacja Przypominajka
Grzegorz Miiller
Kuba Robowski - Fundacja Przypominajka
Jakub Robowski
Benefits for you

Przypominajka Foundation was established to connect people with disabilities with business.

It was founded by Brandbook – a ladies’ advertising agency, as an extension of the activities focused on good.

As part of our actions, we want to give excluded people a chance for developing and interesting work. By entrusting us with advertising services, you use the potential of these people and give the others a chance.


Graphic project

We design advertising materials that fall into the hands of the client by themselves!

Shops and websites

Beautiful, simple and extremely easy to navigate shops or websites?

Social media

We run Social Media that wins your customers’ hearts.

Gift sets

Personalized and unique, thanks to the employees or customers for their work.

Prints and production

We carry out any, even non-standard productions.

Thrilling presentations

Image and sales teasers for products and services.

About us

Rich portfolio

O nas

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Przypominajka - Zestaw prezentowy - czarna świeca, czarna wkładka ulotka

The project of extraordinary candles

We ignited our hearts to create unique gifts for you

The power of the candle flame is amazing. Perfect for a gift, thanks to which we can express gratitude for cooperation, encourage you to relax or warm up (literally!) your image. Combined with etiquette, it can work wonders.
Our mission

The Foundation business model

Our organization is not donation-oriented, we want to act! Feeling needed,we move mountains, we accomplish impossible things and you don’t have to wait long for miracles.


Your contribution

So we break stereotypes!

People with disabilities do not have to live on a pot of state locked within four walls. They have the full right to personal development and self-fulfillment. Work is therefore also a form of rehabilitation – also in the social dimension. By cooperating with our Foundation, you contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of its employees. You also help in achieving other goals in the field of CSR – corporate social responsibility that guide us.

What do we spend our profit on

As part of the cooperation, we transfer the entire profit of the Foundation to the remuneration of people with disabilities and we implement the statutory objectives contained in the statute. You give the job to us, we give it to others. By cooperating with the Przywominajka Foundation, you contribute to the implementation of the tasks we have set for ourselves. One of them is professional activation of people with disabilities. Work is not only a paid activity, although undoubtedly each of us wants and has the right to be financially independent.